The future Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Vesna Janevska from VMRO-DPMNE, in a statement to TV21 today, and after receiving permission for the Faculty of Medicine from Mayor Ramiz Merko, announced an audit of universities, high schools, as well as study programs for medicine.

According to her, too many universities and high schools are opened in Macedonia inappropriately and without a base and analysis, which do not show any effect.

Private universities were expected to compete with state universities, but in practice it turned out that this is not the case, on the contrary, the quality of education has declined in all of them. In that direction, VMRO-DPMNE and the Commission for Education and Science have in their program provided for a serious analysis of the number of faculties, universities, study programs that will have to be revised and some of them should stop working because really we do not we see the benefit of what is currently happening. We have 3 medical faculties, more than 3 high schools, high schools for nurses, high schools for nurses”, says Janevska for TV21.

According to her, the effect of that is reduced to quick knowledge, that is, not efficient knowledge.