Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski these days is showing an unprecedented surge of patriotism, comparing the Bulgarian rhetoric toward Macedonia with the Russian one toward Ukraine and insolently responding to Bulgarian President Radev’s recent statements.

Political analysts speculate that the real reason behind his sudden patriotic surge are the latest relevant public opinion surveys, showing a catastrophic decline in both, his personal and his party’s popularity, with some showing that over 80% of the voters would never vote for him or his party. In an attempt to salvage the situation, Kovacevski decided to gamble with his international support and go “all in” on patriotism. But, as always, he lacks the courage to go all the way.

“Upon completion of the Constitutional amendments, Goce Delcev’s descendants will include Radev’s descendants into the Macedonian Constitution”, Kovacevski responded to Radev’s latest provocation.

Again, the analysts agree, he couldn’t utter the word ‘Macedonians’ and tried to cover it with ‘Goce Delcev’s descendants’! Justifying that with the claim that the mixed Committee on Historic Issues hasn’t yet determined how exactly will we treat the issue of Goce Delcev (the greatest Macedonian hero)? What happened to Kovacevski from two days ago, when he claimed that no person or institution can ever determine his ethnic identity? Is he afraid to anger the Bulgarians? Did he forget that they are angering us daily, with their negation of Macedonians and Macedonism – the analysts are asking.

Whatever his real reasons are, the analysts agree that PM’s sudden surge of “patriotism” is the first serious sign that the elections are nearing.