The Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Sahpaska says that the situation in the kindergartens is stable and that the institution she runs, together with the Ministry of Health, is closely monitoring it. So far, 10 children and 21 employees in kindergartens have tested positive for the coronavirus, and all of them are in good health. 150 children are in isolation due to positive cases.

We are closely monitoring the situation why kindergartens were the first institutions for children that were reopened in a way it was the first step for the normalization of society in a period of pandemic. So far, the situation in the kindergartens is stable. The latest information says that since the reopening of the kindergartens, 10 children and 21 employees have tested positive and are in good health. Many of the groups that were closed due to a positive case have partially returned to work. The number of children isolated due to the coronavirus is 150, said Minister Sahpaska answering a journalist question after visiting a small group home in Skopje.