Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov tonight urged Macedonian citizens stuck abroad because of the situation with the coronavirus to immediately report at the nearest diplomatic and consular missions in order to help them return to the country.

Dear Macedonian citizens who are currently abroad, especially you who do not have a regulated stay and because of the extremely difficult circumstances everywhere, canceled flights and closed borders, you have no way to return home to your homeland. We try to find the right way to help you get back, but any serious effort requires accurate information. Reportedly there about 150 citizens in Barcelona, while at the moment there are only 16 reported at the Embassy in Madrid. Therefore, I ask you to report in a timely manner to the diplomatic and consular missions in the country where you are located, or to the nearest diplomatic and consular missions.

The email addresses of the diplomatic and consular missions are available on the MoFA website and required details are the following: first and last name, passport number, contact telephone, country and city where you are located and whether you have a regulated stay in any foreign country.

Since we are going to make a cut of the situation in 24 hours, I ask you to do so by 5 pm tomorrow (Thursday 19 March 2020). We will do everything we can, taking care of the state interest in taking care of Macedonian citizens in difficult situations abroad and in the state interest in keeping the nation’s health at home, Dimitrov said in the appeal.