Telma reports that one journalist from the imploding 1TV television offered to give a testimony regarding the racketeering case that was initiated against the station owner Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13.

It is widely believed that Boki 13 used his TV station, as well as bogus charities, to launder his cut of the money he would extort from businessmen. He is charged with taking 1.5 million EUR from one of the richest Macedonians Jordan Orce Kamcev, on the promise that the payments would get Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to go easy on Kamcev in the money laundering case she had against him. According to media reports, one of the ways the group that centered around Boki 13, Janeva and high level SDSM party officials would get the money from their victims was to pressure them to purchase overpriced ad buys in 1TV.

The flamboyant cross-dressing showman styled 1TV to match his personal style and subordinated the station’s editorial policy to the support of the ruling SDSM party. The gala opening of the television was a who’s who of the Zaev regime, including the SDSM party elite and its top supporters in the judiciary, including both Special Prosecutor Janeva and prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, who then led the charge to arrest Boki 13, but is now suspected of resisting calls to broaden the investigation into Janeva and the SDSM officials who gave political backing to the group.

Following Boki’s arrest two weeks ago, the TV station gradually stopped its live broadcasts, and the high profile journalists who he hired, many of them prominent SDSM party supporters, quickly turned their backs on their boss.

This prompted some to wonder how was it possible that seasoned and expensive journalists never asked their boss how was he able to get the money to hire them so quickly after opening his television.