After checking the reports of our countrymen living and working abroad the State Election Commission (SEC) will reveal how many of them have been accepted and whether there will be a vote in the diaspora for early parliamentary elections on April 12, and how this will take place keeping in mind the development of events related to the spread of the coronavirus. According to the application for registration of Macedonian citizens abroad on the SEC website for voting until midnight, when the deadline has expired, 7,508 people have registered for voting.

The official information from the SEC is that they are still being checked.

Organizing diaspora elections requires 6,540 valid applications, as much as the least number of votes the MP won in the last election. The latest information from yesterday was that most applications were from Melbourne, Venice, Berlin, Bern and Toronto. Venice, located in the north of Italy, is in quarantine, and it is not yet possible to predict what will happen in other European cities with the spread of the coronavirus.