Bogdan Damjanovski, 77, living in Skopje’s Kisela Voda neighborhood, is the person identified in the Public Revenue Office (PRO) as the new owner of 1TV, the IRL reported.

According to the IRL, who spoke to sources involved in conducting the investigation, the TV station now has a new owner, who has made a deal with the management to take over the company’s debts, and in return, he receives the stakes free of charge.

No formal change to the ownership of the company owning the TV station has been made at the Central Registry yet.

The debts of the TV station are about 30 million denars, or more than 400,000 euros, according to the Public Revenue Office.

The PRO will file charges against Bojan Jovanovski, who is the first suspect in the “Racket” case, for tax evasion, PRO reported at a press conference on Tuesday.