A bizarre precedent set by the activists of the Colored Revolution and Zaev’s regime could soon backfire on Zaev, as it could easily be used against his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce.

In 2017, among the myriad of politically driven criminal charges filed against VMRO-DPMNE officials, one more outlandish than the other, one set of charges stood out. The Mayor of Prilep Marjan Risteski was charged with abuse of office because he hadn’t thought to insure the Prilep town hall from damages. The town hall did suffer from damage – but it was inflicted by Zaev and his supporters, who, during the so-called Colored Revolution, would go from one institution to the other, throwing paintballs. No charges were filed against Zaev’s supporters who actually damaged the building of the Prilep city hall, but the Mayor faced a protracted criminal case because he failed to anticipate this political guerrilla tactic.

But now, it turned out that the 19 modular improvised Covid hospitals, that the Zaev regime built across the country, to provide spill-over capacity, were also not insured. In a stupendous act of cronyism, Zaev contracted the Brako company owned by his former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev to build the hospitals. As it became apparent after the disaster in Tetovo, the hospitals were built with flammable materials, and the Tetovo unit went up in flames in minutes, killing 15 patients and their family members. There is a long list of potential charges that Zaev, his Health Minister Filipce and other Government officials who presided over the disastrous contract could face, but the precedent in Prilep would be particularly ironic, if it were to happen.