In an address on the anniversary of the death of Goce Delcev, academic Ljupco Kocarev, President of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences, said that Delcev is the greatest Macedonian son. Kocarev called on the historians to try to unite at least over the crucial national issues and “stop being servants of the politicians”.

The anniversary of Goce Delcev is a cry to demand that we condemn all crimes carried out against the Macedonians, along with the crimes against other nations in this century of genocide. Also, that we do all we can not to forget the suffering of the Macedonians in Aegean and Pirin Macedonia, under the fascist Bulgarian occupation in the Second World War, Kocarev said.

The MANU President said that Macedonians face a union against them, which works to undermine the Macedonian national identity and country. “All documents, speeches, resolutions and proclamations that are not consistent with the premises of Macedonianness, such as the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria and the Prespa Treaty, are source of undermining Macedonia and our vital interests. It is clear who considers Macedonia a spectre and a scarecrow. Macedonia is now in a confused and divisive position – in order to secure our European future, we need to imagine a future without us. But I can’t imagine a Macedonia without Macedonians, and I hope that Macedonians unite around the building of a dignified future, Kocarev said.