Even when the new government was formed, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, among the first things he said about the dispute with Bulgaria, was that there would be no place in his cabinet for propagandists, who were allegedly an obstacle to breaking the deadlock. And not only in the cabinet, but also in the media space through hate speech, and in society as a whole.

As usual, when it comes to the ruling SDSM, without specifying specific names, the work turned out to be deadlocked. Not because among the propagandists, among others, many recognized the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Nikola Dimitrov, but primarily because propagandists and propaganda have become a basic tool in the daily political confrontation with the opposition and attempts to soften the failures of each field of social life, analyzes “Pressing TV”.

Playing on the card of weak memory, by the way we will only mention the well-known call from state institutions by individuals who allegedly lobbied for no solution to the dispute with Bulgaria, at the very beginning of the Russian aggression on Ukraine. 100 days have passed since then, and to this day the SDSM government,has not mentioned a single name behind such activities, analyzes “Pressing TV.”

And this propaganda idiocy of SDSM lately has a new direction. It first appears by “independent” useful media idiots, and after a day it becomes an integral part of party announcements.