VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski revealed Thursday a new scandal involving the issuance of persona ID numbers to world criminals.

According to Mickoski, there are over 20,000 people who have dual personal ID numbers and one person with two different personal ID numbers is twice on the voter list.

With dual identity, those people can abuse state institutions, banks by opening a transaction account, as well as abuse of criminal responsibility, Mickoski explained.

Mickoski says that the “Mafia 2” affair reveals that a person with two personal ID numbers once appears in the voter list with their real name and real address, and the second time they are registered as another person in another municipality.

This is a typical abuse of institutions and a serious crime for voting in elections, added Mickoski.

The most interesting example is the Turkish criminal Sedat Peker, to whom the government gave the identity of Xhadin Ademovski from Cair.

Moreover, Xhadin, ie Sedat has a twin brother born on the same day, September 22, 1968, but in Saraj.

Only the government can explain how it is possible for a mother to give birth to twins in a different place on the same day.