Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski says accusations between the Head of the Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption, Vilma Ruskovska, and the Financial Police Director, Arafat Muaremi, have a detrimental effect on trust in institutions.

This has a detrimental effect, because faith in institutions is lost. Everyone who holds an office must bear responsibility. Institutions cannot be allowed to be dismantled by anyone. If faith in the institutions is lost, then it is the biggest problem, he said.

He points out that the government is here for the interest of the citizens.

We should follow that interest. It is the citizens who, through taxes, ensure the functioning of the state apparatus and institutions, and therefore we should be responsible. We should think about why the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office have 8% trust among citizens. I don’t believe this is the way to build trust. There are many other ways to increase trust, Spasovski said.