The active blockade continues this summer, if there is no agreement on elections, there will be a complete blockade of the institutions, SDSM and DUI must fall. During the summer, VMRO-DPMNE will undertake various protest activities across the country, said the opposition party.

Teams from the party’s EC and MPs will visit all settlements in order to mobilize the people against the government that is increasingly pushing us into poverty.

If Kovacevski and Ahmeti continue to ignore the need for elections, VMRO-DPMNE will start a complete blockade of the institutions, on the roads until an agreement on elections is reached.

The damage caused by the rule of SDSM and DUI is greater than any other damage. Early parliamentary elections are necessary to form a new government that will bring the country out of crisis, end crime and corruption. Changes are needed. The people demand change. No matter how hard SDSM and DUI try to prevent the changes, they will come.