After the organized push to fool voters into making their voting ballots illegitimate by crossing out the word “North” from the imposed name “Republic of North Macedonia”, political activists are still making similar attempts at affecting the results of the elections.

Police yesterday called for questioning a number of officials and activists of a ruling party that were sharing the allegedly patriotic proposal on Facebook and other social media. The design was clearly to get opposition minded voters who reject the imposed name change to make their ballots illegitimate by writing comments or crossing out the adjective “North”. Due to the pre-election silence requirements we are not naming the party involved.

Today, activists from the same party are sharing a new proposal – that voters write “Never” in front of “North”. “Never North” is one of the rallying cries of the patriotic right and the call is made to look like it is coming from patriotic circles, but is in fact coming from the ruling party that supported the name change and hopes to fool voters from the competing party.