Education Minister, Arber Ademi, said on TV 21’s “10 minutes” show that in the schools where there is a small number of students, the classes can take place with physical presence while observing the measures against Covid-19.

This proposal should get the green light from the Government. Whatever decision is made, it is necessary to make legal changes, so it is necessary to have a functional Parliament. As for the kindergartens, the Commission for Infectious Diseases says that it will be discussed next week, Ademi said.

According to him, it is emphasized that the classes should be held online, with two exceptions.

The first exception is in-person teaching for pupils from the first to the third grade. The second exception, it is important to point out, in those schools where there is a small number of students and where the protocols for physical distance can be observed and the teaching process can be organized, so as not to endanger health, the teaching process will be organized there with physical distance, says Ademi.

The Commission for Infectious Diseases at today’s meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Education proposed that students from first to third grade start the new school year with in-person teaching, and the classes for the rest of the students in primary and secondary education to be held online.