There are major ambiguities after the release of the unofficial results. The parties are dissatisfied with the work of the State Election Commission and say that the data published by the SEC doesn’t correspond with the hardcopy forms.

One of the examples is the polling station 2788 in the first electoral district in the municipality of Kisela Voda. The report states that SDSM won only 87 votes, while the SEC published that they won 255.

How is it possible that there is such a big difference. Is it an error or an “adjustment” of the results in favor of SDSM?

At a polling station in Debrca, where only 30 voters were registered, of whom only 19 voted, the SEC published that the parties won 200 and 300 votes each.

According to the reactions from the parties, Levica is robbed by most votes. They say that they do not have the hardcopy forms from most of the polling stations. Unofficially, this party is only missing seven votes to get a MP in the third electoral district and about 500 votes for a MP in the second and the fourth.