Imam Skender Buzaku declared himself to be the new head of the Macedonian Islamic Community (IVZ), after police came to support his claim and tried to remove the current IVZ head, reis ul ulema Sulejman Rexhepi. The move is controversial, as it comes shortly after Rexhepi confronted the Zoran Zaev Government and called on the faithful to vote against Zaev’s presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski.

I will be sworn in tomorrow. I’m now the new IVZ head, Buzaku told the press gathered in front of the IVZ main office.

Supporters of the two rival IVZ heads are still in the office and it is uncertain whether Rexhepi will yield.

Buzaku evoked a 2015 IVZ meeting when he was voted in as new reis ul ulema. He also accused Sulejman Rexhepi of giving IVZ jobs to friends and relatives.