There are new developments in one of the stupider side-shows in the growing dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria. In a video, Macedonia’s Eurovision contestant Vasil Garvanliev acknowledged that he has dual citizenship and is also a Bulgarian citizen.
The interview gained prominence after it was announced that the video for his song Here I Stand will be re-edited after it displayed the Bulgarian flag in a scene. It turned out that the flag is actually a three-piece work of art which was displayed mistakenly in the gallery where Garvanliev was shooting the video, and he said that the scene will be edited out from the video.

But in a video which was since removed from Youtube, Garvanliev acknowledged that he has used the option to take out a Bulgarian passport by citing that some of his ancestors were Bulgarians. The effeminate singer and dancer added that it is widespread practice in Strumica, where he comes from.

He was quickly congratulated by Bulgarian member of the European Parliament Andrey Kovatchev, who closely follows every twist and turn in the Macedonian – Bulgarian drama. Kovatchev said that he will support Garvanliev in the Eurovision contest and condemned the removal of the Bulgarian flag from his video.