After several associations, the Bulgarians in Macedonia announce the formation of a political party. It will be called “Alliance for Macedonian Bulgarians – movement for national unity and salvation”.

For now, it functions as an informal movement and posts on Facebook emphasizing the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia, their number, the results of the census, and so forth.

This movement is in a hurry to register a political party because with the amendments to the Law on Political Parties which have already entered the parliamentary procedure and which are supported by VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, it will be very difficult to be entered in the register of parties.

As provided for by the amendments, political parties in their programs, names, statutes, and symbols cannot be aimed at inciting national, racial, or religious hatred, ethnic intolerance, intolerance, genocide, spreading or supporting and promoting fascism, Nazism, national – socialism or the Third Reich or references to persons and events associated with fascism, Nazism, National Socialism or the Third Reich.