Today’s resignation by SDSM member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski after a drug use scandal sparked numerous additional calls aimed at other members of Parliament.

Zdravo Saveski, one of the leaders of the Colored Revolution which catapulted Bogoevski’s political career, called on the other two members of Parliament elected through that movement to resign. SDSM organized the Colored Revolution protests and put three of its activists to its list for the 2016 elections.

I’m glad there were at least some principles left in Pavle. The entire public had to pressure him to resign, but ok, he eventually resigned. Ivana Tufekcik and Irena Stefoska should resign too. If you don’t have the will or the courage to criticize the Government for its abuses, the only dignified option would be to resign, Saveski said.

According to him, it is likely that the leaked tape in which Bogoevski is heard ordering cocaine was distributed by his own party. This, Saveski adds, should serve as a warning, to be careful about the company one keeps.