A group of former Colored Revolution activists are planning protests after the series of corruption scandals involving Zoran Zaev and his SDSM party.

The Colored Revolution included leftist NGO groups protesting together with SDSM, using props such as paintballs against monuments and Government offices in Skopje and other cities. Using wiretaps prepared by rogue intelligence officers and international support, as well as politically driven investigations by prosecutor Katica Janeva, the groups helped SDSM grab power in 2017 and impose a humiliating name and identity change on the country. But the anti-corruption message of the “revolution” is now tuned into mockery after Janeva was sentenced to prison for gross corruption and abuse of office, and the evidence against Zaev and SDSM multiplies.

Republika has learnt that a former leading NGO organizer, several activists working in EU integration linked groups, journalists and university professors, who embraced the “colored movement” in support of Zaev and Janeva, are planning to take to the streets to express their disappointment. The group is preparing to present a platform for its future activities ahead of the July 15 elections, Republika was told.