The SDSM party is set to hold a meeting on Sunday to decide on its next steps, guided by the outcome of the meeting Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will have with German Chancellor Angela Merkel tomorrow.

With the highly likely loss of the expected date to open accession talks, Zaev placed his last hopes on Merkel, that she will reverse opposition in Germany, as well as in France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

If this fails, Zaev is expected to make one of the sevral moves. He already threatened Brussels that he would resign, and call for early elections, in which case he would propose his lieutenant Oliver Spasovski to lead a technical Government. This would have to include VMRO-DPMNE officials, under the so-called Przino rules which Zaev used in his power grab.

Some SDSM officials privately say that the party would also like to postpone the elections for late Autumn or even next Spring, hoping to capitalize on the expected NATO accession.

Some still hope that Merkel will deliver for Zaev, sparing them the danger of facing the angry voters. This is favored by his coalition partner DUI, which has been reluctant to go before the voters.