Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevluc Cavusloglu reminded his Macedonian counterpart that Turkey supports Macedonia in the name argument against Greece. Dimitrov visited Ankara as the Government is conceding on the name issue, and agreeing the rename the country under Greek pressure.

Cavusoglu used the joint press conference to emphasize that Turkey has recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name and that it strongly values Macedonia’s stability. The Turkish Minister also said that his country will gladly welcome Macedonia into NATO.

Dimitrov responded that Macedonia wants to close its open issues with neighbors so that it would leave the zone of instability and join EU and NATO. “But, at the same time, we mustn’t forget our friends who have supported us along that path from the very start”, he added. If the deal is ratified in Greece, Macedonia would have to notify the more than 130 countries that recognize it under its constitutional name that it is now using a new name, relinquishing these hard won diplomatic wins against Greece over the past decades.