The Chematology Clinic in Skopje, which treats patients with rare diseases, informed the public that it has distributed medicine for the next three months to all patients who receive their treatment orally.

This should help protect the patients from exposure to the coronavirus during their trips to the clinic. But there is no plan in place yet for patients who receive the treatment intravenously.

We informed these patients that as soon as we have optimal conditions for their treatment and the Covid-19 risk is down to zero, we will call them in to receive their treatment. We want to apply maximum protection to the patients, said the clinic.

A group of patients who did not receive its treatment last week, and who alarmed the public, will be treated in the coming days, the clinic promised. This especially applies to the patients who suffer from the Gaucher’s disease. The clinic also condemned the chairwoman of an organization of patients with rare diseases for using social media to alarm the public of the crisis. Vesna Aleksovska responded that she reached out to the clinic first, before going public.