The four “Su-25” fighter jets that Macedonia bought from Ukraine during the 2001 conflict for four million euros have been donated to Ukraine these days, writes the news portal. The Ministry of Defense does not deny the published information, nor does it confirm it. It is about the planes that Macedonia planned to sell back in 2004.

According to the published information, the Ministry of Defense responded that the exact details of all three decisions, their content and explanation will be declassified and transparently published in the days to come. The decisions made so far do not impair the combat readiness of the Macedonian army, said the Ministry of Defense.

These days, after the publication of photos of tanks loaded on trucks, the Ministry of Defense was simply forced to confirm the information about the donation of tanks to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the videos that appeared on social networks, showing the transport of tanks, are authentic and that they are tanks that Macedonia is sending as a donation to Ukraine.