The number of newly diagnosed patients shot up to 115 today, after two days of unusually low testing and diagnosis reports. There were only 11 newly diagnosed cases yesterday out of just 450 tests, which rose suspicions in the public given that for weeks the number was above 100.

The Healthcare Ministry said that over the past 24 hours it analyzed 1,665 tests and 115 came back positive, most of them in Skopje, Prilep, Struga, Stip and Kumanovo. This is closer to the usual numbers. On Sunday, there were 39 reported cases, which coupled with the strange report from Monday confused the public.

One 76 year old patient from Gostivar died over the past 24 hours. This brings the total death toll of the epidemic to 604.
The Ministry estimates the number of active cases at 2,326, which shows a continued downward trend. Skopje fell under 800 active cases and currently has 781, while Kumanovo has 315.

There were nine patients admitted to the two clinics in Skopje where the most severe cases are treated, and currently they hold 98 patients – two of them on mechanical ventilation. Additional 14 adults and five children are treated in the Kozle clinic. In regional centers and general hospitals across the country, which usually care for less severe cases, there are about 185 cases.