Macedonia fell to the historically lowest point in the Transparency International corruption ranking. The poll conducted among Macedonian citizens ranks the country 111th in the world – by far the worst rankng so far, and tied with Bosnia as the worst countries in the region.

The poll asks citizens to share their view of how prevalent corruption is in their country. It comes after a long series of high level corruption scandals, including the Racket revelations which showed Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, lauded as the person who will ensure respect for the rule of law, as a grossly corrupt official working in league with the Zaev regime.

This is the historically worst result on the index. Until now we had fallen to 107th in the world, but now we surpassed that. There is absolutely no progress in the country, said Slagjana Taseva from Transparency International – Macedonia.

The poll showed the same index points – 35 – as last year, but due to improvements elsewhere and lagging in Macedonia the score means a drop in the ranking.

We did not tackle corruption appropriately. We did not reform the judiciary. We drop in the Freedom House index of human rights and liberties and this all led to the drop in the rankings, Taseva said.