The Judicial Council was also called out by the state ran MIA news agency, and asked if they are acting on the request from outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. In his final days in office, as he is expected to resign ahead of the early elections in April, Zaev is increasingly calling for a widespread investigation into judges and prosecutors, especially their financial reports.

Following the call Zaev made during a rally on Sunday, MIA asked the Anti – Corruption Agency, which asked for more resources before it can act on Zaev’s call. The Judicial Council, which is tasked with appointing and dismissing judges, and evaluating their work, also told MIA that it is working permanently, in line with its authorities.

The Judicial Council began looking into cases where the charges have met the statute of limitations and we are examining the Skopje court. We are continuing with our actions and will look into this again on December 18th, the Judicial Council said.

Zaev’s more ambitious plan to increase his control over the judiciary with an Albanian style vetting program was rejected by the European Union, and he is now looking for alternative ways to reach his goal.