Regarding the proposed amnesty law, American Ambassador Angela Ageler stated today that it is crucial for the United States and the American Embassy that such processes take place transparently and within the bounds of the law.

In response to a journalist’s question during her visit to the village of Radovo on the occasion of the inauguration of a preschool educational center in Bosilevo, funded through a USAID program, she emphasized that while she was aware the law had entered the parliamentary procedure, she did not know its content. She added that it is essential for political leaders to inform the public about the necessity of its implementation.

The office of the President of the Parliament announced yesterday that the law had already been submitted to the MPs and is proposed to be adopted through an expedited procedure.

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski determined yesterday that the law is intended not for individuals but for addressing acts of a smaller scale with the aim of alleviating overcrowded facilities. However, the opposition maintains the opinion that the law covers “notorious criminals.”