In the latest issue of the Fokus weekly, DUI leader and SDSM coalition partner Ali Ahmeti himself confirmed the allegations that the system of selecting candidates for future judges and prosecutors was being manipulated.

Recently the handover of the SPO cases took place. On one occasion you stated that the largest Macedonian parties should decide on the future of the SPO. Why are you somehow distancing yourself, don’t you think that you too have suggestions for establishing a legal system of Macedonia in Macedonia?

AHMETI: We are for the rule of law, we are for carrying out a vetting in this country, to tell you frankly.

Will the Government accept vetting?

AHMETI: Here’s how the justice system works in our country… I have received many complaints about the latest case of the Academy of Prosecutors, how the system of candidate selection has been manipulated. I do not know if there are abuses, but I have many complaints from the candidates that the system has been abused and that people on recommendation have entered.

You are talking about the last selection of candidates for the Academy of Prosecutors. Did you raise that question in the Government?

AHMETI: I raised this issue with the international community because the international community here invested a lot, with staff training and reforms. How can we manipulate the system of candidate selection… I have no facts, but I got a dozen candidates who stated that the candidate selection system has been manipulated.

As for the SPO issue and the law on public prosecution there were differences between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE and we have stated that for the differences you have, the issues that concern you, you need to sit down and agree. In principle, as far as the SPO and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are concerned, we will be part of those negotiations and part of the process. But for these differences that are between you and do not concern us, then sit down and agree, says Ahmeti.