DUI leader Ali Ahmeti insists that the divisions in his party have been overcome. Ahmeti convened party officials yesterday to discuss the feud between the faction led by former Cair Mayor Izet Mexhiti, and the party’s two most prominent members of the Zaev Government – First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

All questions have been cleared up. We didn’t have such meetings for the past months and there was need for discussion among us. DUI will come out even more united and better organized from this, Ahmeti said.

The Zaev coalition is shaky, with several minor partners leaving his group in Parliament. Losing two or more votes – the number believed that Mexhiti can control in Parliament – could be the final push for the coalition.

Ahmeti is also under pressure over the Good Friday massacre – Albanians held violent protests on Friday to demand the release of the group of Albanian islamists sentenced for the 2012 killing of four Macedonian boys and one man. Opposition Albanian parties denounce the verdict, pointing to claims made by Zaev himself that the islamists were not responsible for the killings. This makes Ahmeti’s position in Zaev’s Government more difficult. After the meeting yesterday, he asked that the case is not abused for political gain.