The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti met Thursday with Spanish Ambassador José Luis Lozano García, and expressed readiness for close cooperation.

According to DUI’s press service, the meeting highlighted the long-standing friendship and bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as “the open will to further deepen cooperation in integration, but also in the field of economy, trade, etc.”

The meeting also focused on the latest political developments in the country, as well as the negotiations on the dispute with Bulgaria.

Regarding the Electoral Code, Ahmeti believes that the current model with six constituencies is more appropriate, because the change of the Electoral Code and constituencies requires a broader consensus and compliance with all political factors in the country and that the issue should be discussed in Parliament, reads the press release.

The two interlocutors also discussed vetting of politicians, judges and prosecutors.

With this spirit of respect for the justice system and with this initiative it has launched, DUI is striving for further expansion with the sole purpose of achieving the credibility of individuals in all spheres of life, because anyone who wants to hold public office must pass the vetting process, said the party.

During the meeting, Ahmeti briefed the Spanish Ambassador on the new dynamics of the talks on resolving the dispute with Bulgaria, visits to Skopje and Sofia, establishing a dialogue and action plan of the working groups and good political will to resolve open and accepted issues from both sides.

Both interlocutors concluded that the cooperation between Macedonia and Spain should continue in the spirit of understanding, and support for the country on the path to European integration should not stop until the final goal is achieved.