DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti met with the leader of BESA Bilal Kasami to promote his plan for an all-Albanian political platform.

The proposal, under which Ahmeti wants primacy among all Albanian parties, given that he won the most seats in the next Parliament (15), was already rejected by the close runner ups – Alliance of Albanians and Alternative, who have 12 seats. BESA will hold four seats it won in coalition with SDSM, and it’s unclear how strong their future link with SDSM will be.

During the constructive meeting we agreed to continue our efforts on the country’s Euro-Atlantic road as well as long-awaited reforms towards the rule of law by conducting open and continuous dialogue. In the coming days, however, I hope to hold working meetings with the leaders of the Albanian opposition parties in the interest of the citizens of our country, Ahmeti said.

The Alliance of Albanians and Alternative held a protest on Monday against what they call ballot stuffing and vote rigging by Ahmeti’s DUI party. The Albanian parties got together for a joint platform after the 2016 elections, under the auspices of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, and it influenced the post-election coalition making, leading to the imposed name change of Macedonia and the introduction of the Albanian as a second official language.