The country, the region and international centers are in motion, because justice is on our side and the noise is here because we have promoted our legitimate request for an Albanian Prime Minister, said DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in Kumanovo on Wednesday.

Instead of rejoicing, others are upset and disappointed. We know that when others are upset they are in big trouble, but they do not need to worry because the Albanian PM will increase the loyalty of Albanians in the state, the country’s integrity and sovereignty will strengthen. We do not want something that is not ours, but our part that we have spilled blood for, said Ahmeti.

He expressed concern from the reactions of Macedonian politicians, but also leaders of parties of ethnic Albanians regarding their idea.

Our fellow Macedonians disappointed me because they were immediately afraid of this idea, saying an Albanian cannot be a prime minister of Macedonia. Our fathers and grandfathers have left us our land and no one can deny this legitimate right. Nothing bad has happened to this country when an Albanian became a Parliament Speaker, Defense Minister, Minister of Interior, Supreme Court President. On the contrary, processes are moving forward. Europe is a continent of diversities, added Ahmeti.

According to him, the country’s EU membership should result from deep reforms in the rule of law, accompanied by vetting in the judiciary, fight against crime and corruption, adding “an Albanian PM can do all that.”