The DUI party delegates unanimously re-elected Ali Ahmeti as leader of the party. The former terrorist commander who sparked the 2001 civil war in Macedonia has led DUI since 2002, and has been part of nearly all governments since then.

I thank you for your trust, to lead DUI for the next four years. I promise to represent you with dignity, Ahmeti told the assembled delegates during their congress in Skopje. He was the only candidate for party leader.

Ahmeti said that he has ensured that Albanians are masters of the home, not tenants in Macedonia. He pointed to the Albanian leadership in the Macedonian military and the police, the recent law making Macedonia a fully bilingual country, and the use of the Albanian national flag as the rewards of the blood that his movement spilled in 2001.

As he expects to be the kingmaker again, after the elections in April 2020, Ahmeti said that DUI will form a coalition only with a Macedonian party that respects the Prespa treaty and the treaty with Bulgaria. Ahmeti added that no major decisions will be made without DUI agreeing to them.