DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti concluded his testimony in front of war crimes prosecutors in Pristina, and is returning to Macedonia. Speaking to the press, Ahmeti said that he can’t make any statements on what he was interrogated about.

Until the process has concluded I can’t share any information with the public. Once it is completed, then we can talk, Ahmeti said.

The special prosecutors have mandate to investigate war crimes perpetrated during the 1999 Kosovo war, and their main focus is the UCK organization, of which Ahmeti was a member. He has received pardon for the subsequent war crimes his UCK/NLA terrorist organization perpetrated in Macedonia, where it sparked a civil war in 2001, but he can still be held accountable by the Kosovo tribunal based in the Hague.

Ahmeti insisted that he was summoned merely as a witness but the prosecutors would not clarify in what capacity they are questioning him – whether he is a defendant in a crime.