DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti is trying to reintroduce his proposal for a pact among all ethnic Albanian parties in Macedonia, by inviting their leaders to a joint celebration of the 2001 Ohrid peace treaty, that ended the civil war sparked by Ahmeti months before.

The treaty was signed on August 13 2001, and since then Ahmeti’s DUI party, which was formed from the UCK/NLA terrorist group he led into war, stages celebrations of the signing. Ahmeti invited the leaders of the competing Albanian parties – Ziadin Sela from the Alliance of Albanians, Afrim Gashi from Alternative, Bilal Kasami from BESA and Menduh Thaci from DPA to join him for a celebration on Thursday.

Ahmeti already demanded that these parties join him in a post-election pact under which the largest Albanian party would speak for all of them on issues of strategic importance. The proposal was quickly rejected by Sela, who accuses Ahmeti of ballot stuffing during the elections, leading to this new idea from DUI – of a pan-Albanian gathering which would inevitably present Ahmeti as the leader of the 2001 war and as the leader of Albanians in Macedonia.