The President of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti, spoke in an interview with “Euronews Albania” about the possibilities for the unification of the Albanian factor in Macedonia after the 15 July elections and the possible coalition with SDSM.

Asked about Zoran Zaev’s insults to Albanians, published in audio leaks, Ahmeti said he did not feel good about the insults and expected Zaev to apologize.

Of course, I did not feel good about those insults… but I think that Zaev will find the strength to apologize to the Albanians. He took one step, but not the right one, he justified that insult by saying that he was allegedly referring to DUI, but that insult did not refer to DUI, but directly to the Albanians and I think that Zaev should apologize to the Albanians, said Ahmeti.