Arben Taravari officially confirmed tonight that a law is ready, which stipulates that there will be no new elections in Gostivar, Aerodrom, and Saraj until the local elections in October next year.

“Imagine a campaign to elect a mayor in just ten months, with 30, 50, or even 70,000 citizens voting for a mayor who will only serve for ten months. To reduce costs, the acting mayor would essentially have two six-month mandates. This is the solution we propose as the Alliance for Albanians. I hope it will be supported by other parties as well,” said Taravari during the panel discussion “Not ‘yours’, not ‘ours’ – Reform for support of expert doctors.”

The Vredi coalition is expected to submit a proposal to avoid organizing elections if less than two years remain until the regular term, which is half of the mandate. The laws are expected to go through a shortened procedure and be passed before the election of the new government.

In the Municipality of Saraj, Ilyas Veseli has already been appointed to replace MP Blerim Bejeti.

More information, as reported by Telma TV, will be provided during tomorrow’s coordination with Speaker Afrim Gashi, where the work dynamics of the Assembly will be agreed upon and whether there will be a new session for the election of vice presidents by the end of this week.

According to Telma, if elected, Gashi’s commitments will not hinder the legislative changes and the election of the Government, as planned, in the middle of next week.