Several top ethnic Albanian members of the Zaev regime are currently on foreign trips which are clearly meant to advance Albanian national interests, not those of the country as a whole.

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani is in Spain where he cited that the main topic of discussion with the Spanish interlocutors will be the recognition of Kosovo. Spain refuses to recognize Kosovo fearing a precedent that could in the future apply to Catalonia. But Osmani told Albanian language news outlets that he will raise this as the main issue during his visit to Madrid.

And First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi is in Kosovo where he urged Kosovan leaders to help get as many ethnic Albanians registered in the census that the Zaev regime is conducting. There are numerous dual citizenship holders between Macedonia and Kosovo and Albanian parties in Macedonia insist on having all of them counted and added to the census – afraid that otherwise the Albanian share of the population could drop below the 25 percent registered in 2020. Grubi raised this issue during his meetings with Kosovan political parties and with acting President Vjosa Osmani.