Three parties representing ethnic Albanians in Macedonia, BESA, the Alliance of Albanians and Alternative, said that they will not accept the ruling of the Venice Commission which found significant problems with the law on the use of the Albanian language in Macedonia.

Alliance of Albanians official Arben Taravari said that the law should never have been sent to the Commission to get its opinion and insists that Albanians should not be treated as an ethnic minority in Macedonia. BESA leader Bilal Kasami said that the Albanian language needs to be added to the Macedonian Constitution as an official language, and that this should become a request of all Albanian parties. Alternative also calls for additional official use of the Albanian language, beyond what was provided in the law.

The Commission strongly objected to the way in which the law was adopted, its lack of provisions for other minority groups and the complications it will cause while expanding the official use of the Albanian language in parts of Macedonia with little to no ethnic Albanians.