Bulgaria doesn’t spare any means or money to “create” new Bulgarians in Macedonia’s neighboring countries. Issuing Bulgarian passports in the Albanian regions populated by ethnic Macedonians accelerates daily. They are aided in the process  by the local Albanian politicians, who even publicly brag about the logistical support they provide for their friends from  Bulgaria.

Some of the ethnic Macedonians living in Albania are forced to apply for Bulgarian passports – considering that they become  EU citizens with that passport – due to the dire living conditions, and official Sofia very skillfully abuses that. The Albanian Government does not invests in the regions inhabited by ethnic Macedonians for decades.

Yet, the most problematic issue, according to local Macedonians, is the aid and logistical support they receive from the local Albanian politicians, paid by the Albanian tax payers, while working for the Bulgarian interests.

The local inhabitants now expect an explanation from the official Albanian authorities and, even more important, from the EU Office in Albania, which should officially state whether the EU supports Bulgaria in its attempts to assimilate the Macedonians in Albania.