Criticism, demanding resignations and insults on social media after Sunday’s results of presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski. Not only ordinary sympathizers and members of SDSM, but some of the most prominent officials of this party publicly express their revolt from, as they say, Pendarovski’s Pyrrhic victory in the first round. Muhamed Zekiri immediately demanded a “political pension” for Ali Ahmeti and responsibility, that is resignations in SDSM.

A bitter victory. The result is a lesson for all of us !!! … Albanian citizens clearly demonstrated that the time has come for the political scene to retire much of the political elite of the Albanians in the Republic of North Macedonia !!! It is time some of the officials from our SDSM to take responsibility, Vice President of the party, Muhamed Zekiri wrote on Facebook.

Many blame Secretary General Aleksandar Kiracovski for the bad result, who with his decisions “devastated the party”. Some of the former colored revolutionaries say that with his ignorant attitude and insults towards them, he contributed to the election debacle, and the people he put on high positions are an additional cause for the fiasco. The political analyst close to SDSM, Ivor Mickovski, told the government that it was “a rotten construction, and people do not drink oil”.

The last ones who came to SDSM voted that they needed a re-examination. It’s no coincidence, both on ethnic and civic lines. As if the wind of change has appeared. Guys, you were and stayed a colored facade and an alibi of a rotten structure. You think we drink oil, Mickovski wrote.

Finally, the political analyst and former ambassador Arsim Zekoli congratulated the opposition on the landslide victory and concluded that SDSM leader and prime minister Zaev was the biggest loser in the defeat of the government, because DUI in the parliamentary elections would come with a heavy stone around the neck.

Opposition VMRO, Alliance, Besa triumphed. Overwhelming. The government SDSM, DUI, the Alternative lost. Humiliating. For SDSM, now DUI is a stone around the neck in the parliamentary elections. For DUI, SDSM is also a bone in the throat in parliamentary. The biggest loser? Zaev. More than this, cannot be achieved. The end, says Zekoli.

Moreover, social media are full with comments by hundreds of ordinary members of SDSM who say that party leaders have disappointed them and that urgent and radical reforms would have to be made if they want to keep their support.