Alfa TV reports that Igor Spasov, the policeman who brutally murdered the 20 year old Martin Neskovski in 2011, has fled to the Netherlands. The murder of Neskovski was an iconic mobilizing moment for the 2015 Colored Revolution, but following its seizure of power, the murderer was allowed to spend a year on a likely bogus medical leave, and now has apparently fled the country.

Alfa reports that his family still lives in Stip and that Spasov fled the country alone. The court apparently did not seize his passport, Alfa has been told, but he would have been caught at the Macedonian border. Spasov crossed the border illegally, and once outside of Macedonia, continued to travel north using his passport. Spasov, who beat Neskovski to death and then tried to cover up the murder, was allowed a lengthy sick leave by a team of doctors which included a close relative of his.

Spasov was represented at his murder trial by lawyer Vane Andreev, who also defended now Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for the many criminal charges against him, and is now a business partner in a marijuana producer believed to be linked to Zaev. This raised suspicions in the public that he has friends in high places and was raised as an issue after he was allowed the unusually lengthy sick leave, which he used to flee the country.

Despite the exceptionally high profile of the case, which was endlessly abused by the SDSM party during its power-grab, its officials who are now in the Government have been silent on the issue. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev denied that he bears any blame for the scandal, while Justice Minister Renata Deskoska has not spoken out on the issue.