Several hundred supporters of the opposition BESA party joined the family of the US based whistleblower El Cheka on a protest today to denounce the charges against him. Sekerim Ahmeti – El Cheka is publishing wiretaps that apparently come from the cache used by the SDSM party in 2015, and has revealed evidence of corruption on the part of the ruling DUI and SDSM parties.

“Ali is a traitor”, the protesters chanted at DUI leader Ali Ahmeti. Some wore signs declaring them as members of the UCK/NLA, the Albanian terrorist organization led by Ali Ahmeti which began the 2001 civil war in Macedonia.

El Cheka’s revelations are mostly directed at the DUI party, but they also revealed that SDSM deputy leader Radmila Sekerinska was involved in election tampering, and that the claims SDSM made in one of the most important cases they used in their propaganda war – the 2011 killing of Martin Neskovski – were entirely distorted.