Fekri Ahmeti, Ali Ahmeti’s brother, sent out a hate filled video message enciting Albanians to look toward joining Albania and to “save themselves” from the claws” of the Macedonians.

How can we be brothers with our enemies, who put us in danger. The Albanian can only love Albania with all his heart. Striwe toward Albania, to save yourselves from this danger, to save yourselves from their claws. If you are Albanian patriots, unite like in the days of Skenderbeg. Our enemies expect us to be divided, but we’ll let them drop dead in their stubbornness. They just want to dominate us, are the the main comments in Fekri Ahmeti’s video rant.

The message was made public as Ali Ahmeti is trying to impose himself as the main decision maker in the Albanian camp in Macedonia, and is negotiating a new coalition deal with Zoran Zaev’s SDSM party.