Prosecutor Fatime Fetai, who along with Katica Janeva and Lence Ristoska, was one of the public faces of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, also turned her back on Janeva today.

Fetai was noticeably absent last Tuesday, when in a shocking press conference led by Ristoska, the SPO office renounced Janeva over the allegations of racketeering leveled against her. Fetai was praising Janeva effusively only a few months ago, and it raised questions whether she will be one of the few people to stick with Janeva as she is attacked on all sides.

But, today Fetai explained that she was simply on vacation and that is the reason why she didn’t join in the attack.

I agree with the positions of my colleagues from the SPO. I support the position that was made public last week at the SPO press conference, Fetai told the Faktor news site.

The three were compared to the “three graces” and the “Charlie’s angels” by supporters, as part of a propaganda attempt to present their office as a group of tough, honest and glamorous crime fighters. T-shirts and posters with their likeness were widely used by supporters of the SDSM party, which took over power owing to the political witch-hunt the Katica Janeva led institution was carrying out since 2015.