All seven members of the DKSK Anti-Corruption Commission found that there is no conflict of interest in the hydro plant management company founded by opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. The case was based on allegations from the ruling SDSM party, which sought to accuse Mickoski of corruption, at a time when its top economy official Koco Angusev faces a series of scandals regarding his own energy companies.

DKSK found that Mickoski was not in a position to influence the decision to initiate public bid to build several small hydro plants in the south-east of Macedonia. The Government initiated the bids in 2014, and Mickoski was appointed energy adviser to Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski only in 2015, when he was also appointed to the Oversight Board of the public ELEM energy company. The Energotek company co-owned by Mickoski was given 33.000 square meters of publicly owned land and the concession rights over the dams after it won the contract.

DKSK found that there is no violation of the laws. Mickoski is not only a more competent politician and more patriotic than Zoran Zaev, but he is also honest. This is the key difference between us and them, said VMRO deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski, after DKSK announced its unanimous decision.