The “Alternative and Alliance for Albanians” coalition believes that the Government and the Ministry of Health continue to act recklessly in dealing with the pandemic, which results in a large number of Covid-19 deaths, as well as other health and material damage, said the coalition.

Despite the significant reduction in the number of infections, the number of deaths remains high. For comparison, while in Macedonia during April the average number of infections was 728 per day, in Kosovo it was 472, and in Albania this number was 189 infections per day. And when comparing the death rate, while in Macedonia in April the average was 37 deaths per day, in Kosovo that number was 13, and in Albania there were 5 deaths per day, according to the coalition.

Alternative and the Alliance demand that someone take responsibility.

Under normal circumstances, these figures not only mean the resignation of the Minister of Health, but also the Prime Minister, but knowing that this government does not know the term responsibility, it goes without saying that even these figures are not worrying for them, the coalition added.