Following the pace of vaccination of the population in Macedonia and comparing it with EU countries, even those in the region, we cannot help but be concerned about what is happening in our country. We are becoming the first country with the highest mortality rate in Europe, and the last in term of vaccination, said the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative.

According to a Bloomberg source, which presents the analysis of the current vaccination of the population for individual countries, it is clear that at this pace as it started, Macedonia lags far behind the countries in the region, even if we take into account the previous phase and what is to follow, It turns out that for complete immunization of the population in our country we will have to wait another 10 years, said the coalition.

On the other hand, the tragicomedy continues. No more than ten days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi boasted on a TV show that he could provide up to 5 million vaccines at any time, perhaps not knowing the exact meaning of that figure. Were it not for the tragedy, as the number of deaths is increasing every day, the statements of the DUI exponents would have been a comedy. Remaining at the mercy of fate, meaning without any support from the Government, the citizens began to to fight the  Covid-19 pandemic on their own: someone goes to Serbia for vaccination, and someone to Albania, according to the the AA/A coalition.

This is the reason why the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative holds responsible the officials of the Ministry of Health, Minister Venko Filipce and his deputy Ilir Hasani, who are most responsible for this failure and this tragedy of deaths and infections in the country. Therefore, resignation would be the smallest step they could offer, at least to morally hope for justification, the coalition said.